Island of the Turtles


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 Turtle Pier  Incubator  Turtle Pool Sawmill   Kempas Tree  Cliff Passage

Supplies: 5


  •  After reaching level 21.


  • Clear the beach;
  • Build an Incubator and a pool for the baby turtles;
  • Grow baby turtles into turtles that can swim;
  • Save Anini and find the golden turtle;
  • Raise the golden turtle babies.


  • Tallulah, protector of the songbirds;
  • Grandpa Rako, an elder of the Island of the Turtles;
  • Anini, a young inhabitant of the Island;
  • Enrique, the lumberjack.


  • Furious Jaguar (Strength – 62; Artifact – Knobby Cudgel, can be bypassed). 


The Taonga Archipelago was hit by a terrible ocean storm during the night, and the beaches of some islands got pebbled with litter that was floating in the ocean. The guardian of nature Tallulah reports that the Island of the Turtles has suffered the most its shores are covered with plastics and tin cans, which pose a threat to turtles.

Travel to the Island of the Turtles to save the animals from danger.


The situation on the island is even worse than expected litter is everywhere on the beach, and all the Turtles are hiding, afraid of the pollution. Grandpa Rako, an elder of the island, says that long ago it was possible to see hundreds of turtles here, but as young people no longer take care of the environment, their numbers dwindle.

Show a good example to the locals and clean up the litter that was thrown onto the beach by the storm.



Rako is worried that soon, the turtles will disappear from this island completely, as no one is taking care of them. Tallulah shares a brilliant idea she wants to build a turtle farm, which would teach the locals to cherish the main treasure of their island.

The first order of business is to build an incubator for the turtle eggs there is a fitting spot for it on the beach.

Incubator Construction Stages
Stage 1 





20 pieces 40 pieces  
Stage 2


Tulip Shell


Cowry Shell


Bonnet Shell

30 pieces 30 pieces 30 pieces
Stage 3




6 pieces    

Meanwhile, Anini –  a young inhabitant of the island – claims that she’s caught a glimpse of the Golden Turtle – a unique animal that hasn’t been seen for many years. But Grandpa Rako assures everyone that this is just a fruit of Anini’s vivid imagination.

Seashells will serve as beautiful decorations for the incubator. They can be found on the beach, and if you collect them all, the tide will bring new ones soon. 

The sand in the Incubator will have to be cleared of small rocks with wooden sifters. There is a sawmill in the depths of the jungle on this Island, where Enrique the Lumberjack will gladly help build the required tools. Set out into the jungle and find the sawmill.


Enrique will make some firewood for the sifters with ease, but he needs to have a snack before he can get to work. Treat Enrique to some stew, and he will start chopping.


The firewood that is left after Enrique cuts down a tree will need to be tied together so he can then make a sifter out of it.


When the sifters are ready, use them to sift through the sand in the incubator. Now nothing will harm the turtle eggs’ growth!

Once the little turtles hatch from their eggs, they will need a pool where they will be able to grow and learn how to swim. Clear a space for the pool and begin the construction.



Turtle Pool construction stages
Stage 1


Rope Ladder





10 pieces 50 pieces 50 pieces
Stage 2


Rope Ladder


Stone Block

10 pieces 25 pieces  
Stage 3


Rope Ladder




Stained Glass

10 pieces 60 pieces 50 pieces

After the construction is complete, all that’s left to do is fill the pool with water that can be brought by Anini’s friend Laku, a turtle-watching enthusiast. Buckets of water can also be found in hidden caches throughout the island.


Finally, the turtle farm is ready, and it is time to start growing these reptiles. But finding turtle eggs isn’t easy, so we’ll have to recruit a local young man Pilau to our cause. He knows every nook and cranny of the beach and will help us out in return for some fish and chips. Treat him to this snack, and he will start searching for the eggs.


Place the eggs into the incubator and wait for them to hatch, then move the turtles into the pool. 

The turtles grow fast and need a lot of nutrients. Find cliffs on this island and gather sugar clover from them to feed the growing animals.


Once the baby turtles mature a little, they will not want to eat the clover anymore you will need to feed them some fish fillet for them to fully grow.


The baby turtles have grown into adult turtles! It is now time to release them into the ocean. Let them into the water and make a wish – it’s an old custom of the island’s inhabitants. Rako promises that it will come true!

Once you fully raise 3 batches of turtles and release them into the ocean, you will be able to proceed to the next quest.


While we were preparing to release the turtles into the ocean, Anini disappeared somewhere and missed this event, which is very unlike her. Tallulah’s winged companions brought troubling news Anini went to look for the Golden Turtle and ended up by the big cliff on the other end of the Island. The cliffs are no place for a child hurry there, and find the cliff drawing with which Anini marked her path.


The drawing depicts a turtle that points to a small opening in the rock. Anini must’ve managed to squeeze through it. The gap is too small for adults, so a larger passage will have to be cut and reinforced. 

Passage Construction Stages
Stage 1





20 pieces 25 pieces  
Stage 2







20 pieces 10 pieces  5 pieces

The path through the cliffs leads to an unexpected sight Anini is riding the Golden Turtle in the middle of a lake. As it turns out, Anini fell into the lake, but the turtle caught her and gave her a ride. 

Tallulah thinks that the Golden Turtle was worried about the safety of her children due to the crowds of people on the Island and, therefore, decided to hide on this remote beach. But there are many predators hiding in the cliffs, so it is best for her to return. Find the Golden Turtle eggs and raise the baby golden turtles on the farm to convince their mother that humans are her friends. 


Just like the regular turtle eggs, the golden ones will need to hatch in the incubator. The baby golden turtles will need to be moved into the pool and fed sugar clover and fish fillet, as well.

To make sure that the Golden Turtle sees her offspring make their way to the ocean, they will need to be released from the turtle pier next to the lake, which needs to be repaired first.


Once the Golden Turtle sees how well her young were cared for, she will return to the village. Now, these majestic creatures will once more be the great symbol of this island!

For saving the rare species you will receive the turtle aquarium. Place it on your Home Island and feed the turtle for this, she will find you a marvelous gift that contains useful materials as well as the “Spacious Boat” effect, which will increase the cargo capacity of your Boat by 50 for 12 hours (Does not work on the galleon).


You can continue raising turtles on the Island of the Turtles and making wishes when you release them into the water. One of the items you can wish for is turtle feed for the aquarium. Anini will be able to find sugar clover for you in exchange for some seashells. 

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