Island of the Pirate Cove


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HooKey Cannon Cannonball Charcoal Saltpeter Sulfur

Available: Level 17+

Supplies: 40 units


  • Find the HooKey and lower the Stone Bridge;
  • Knock down the Fort's Outer and Inner Gates;
  • Defeat the Chieftain of the Cursed Crabs;
  • Raise the Flag of the Tiger Shark on the Flagpole;
  • Repair the Fort.


  • Marie-Louise de Silva, also known as the Tiger Shark, a hereditary pirate, captain of the galleon Pájaro Sol.


  • Cursed Crabs (Strength — 60; Artifact — Harpoon);
  • Chieftain of the Cursed Crabs (Strength — 85; Artifact — Harpoon).

Island Treasures:

  • 11 Emerald Chests
  • 7 Sapphire Chests
  • 4 Amethyst Chests
  • 7 Bronze Energy Chests
  • 4 Silver Energy Chests
  • 2 Golden Energy Chests
  • Various Caches


  • Diamonds
  • Sand Dollars
  • Gold Coins
  • Experience
  • Contract for 3 Galleon Trips
  • Flagpole with a flag of one chosen country
  • Flag of the Tiger Shark




Marie-Louise the hereditary pirate's clan Fort was captured by a mysterious enemy who raised their own terrible flag above the citadel, and superstitious pirates are too afraid to face the unknown adversary. Travel with Marie-Louise to the Island of the Pirate Cove and help her recapture her Fort.

The Stone Bridge over the moat protecting the Fort is separated in an attempt to slow the enemy. In the Guard Tower close to the Pier, find the HooKey hidden by Marie-Louise's great-great-grandfather — with it you can activate the Bridge's mechanism and lower it to reach the Fort. But be careful — the Tower's entrance is guarded by a Cursed Crab.

The Fort's Outer Gates are barred, and they can only be knocked down with a cannon shot. Thankfully, there's a Cannon on the island — find it and, after clearing the debris in front of the Fort, move the Cannon in front of the Gates.

Move the Cannon




30 points 20 points

Cannons don't just fire on their own — you'll need ammunition. Pirates don't usually leave ammunition outside the walls of their Forts — but Ernesto de Silva prudently hid the ingredients for preparing Gunpowder in Pirate Caches across the whole island. A Cannonball can be found in a wall near the Outer Gates.

Recipe for Gunpowder
















After knocking down the Gates, you'll find the Fort has been captured by Cursed Crabs. To liberate the pirates' abode, you must reach its heart — the room with a Flagpole. Its entrance is guarded by Inner Gates, which will have to be knocked down the same way the Outer Gates were. There are more Caches inside the Fort with Ingredients to prepare more Gunpowder, and the Cannonball is now stuck in a pile of debris.

Past the Inner Gates, you'll encounter the Chieftain of the Cursed Crabs. Defeat him in combat, lower the enemy flag, and raise the Flag of the Tiger Shark over the Fort.

objMobCrab.png  objMobCrabBoss.png
Cursed Crab Chieftain of the Cursed Crabs

Strength: 60

Artifact: Harpoon

Harpoons can be obtained by two methods:

  • Purchased in the Shop for Florins (New! > Bundles):
  • Purchased immediately before combat for Diamonds.

Reward for Victory:

  • 10 Diamonds
  • 30 Energy
  • 1000 Coins
  • 250 Experience

Strength: 85

Artifact: Harpoon

Harpoons can be obtained by two methods:

  • Purchased in the Shop for Florins (New! > Bundles):
  • Purchased immediately before combat for Diamonds.

Reward for Victory:

  • 200 Diamonds
  • 150 Energy
  • 15000 Coins
  • 2500 Experience
  • 3 Trips on the Galleon

The Crabs are defeated, but the Fort has definitely suffered. Marie-Louise will heartily reward you if you help her restore the citadel. First, you'll need to remove the Cannon from the entrance and fix the Gates.

Fixing the Gates







15 pieces 10 pieces 30 pieces

It will be more difficult to repair the walls and towers — they have withstood many an attack and are nearly ruined.

Repairing One Wall






Block of Stone

10 pieces 15 pieces 1 Piece
Repairing One Tower


Rope Ladder




Block of Stone

20 pieces 10 pieces 3 pieces

The Flagpole and the Flag of the Tiger Shark

Marie-Louise can only speculate over who's responsible for attacking her clan, but her first battle is behind her and the Fort is hers again! As a thank you for helping her, the pirate captain will reward you with a Flagpole, and if you repair her Fort, then you can fly the Flag of the Tiger Shark over your Home Island.



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