Island of the Crystal Spring


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Otherbear Summoning Circle Crystal Spring

Supplies Needed: 45

Available: Level 17+ after completing the task «Honoured Guests»


  • Make an offering to the Spirits of the Island of the Crystal Spring by completing the task «Honoured Guests»;
  • Clear a path to the village;
  • Defeat the Otherbears and return the Marble Carvings;
  • Barter items for a powerful artefact: the Otherbears Bane;
  • Restore the Crystal Spring;
  • Obtain Crystal Water;
  • Lift the Curse of the Poisonous Flame from the village;
  • Restore the village;
  • Refill the village’s supplies.


  • Taine, Shaman of the Quinoa.


  • Otherbears (Strength - 55; Artefact - the Otherbears Bane).


  • Diamonds
  • Gold Coins
  • Experience
  • Crystal Fountain



The Spring Rune

A mysterious misfortune has come upon the inhabitants of the village on the Island of the Crystal Spring, forcing them from their homes. Travel to the island along with the Shaman of the Quinoa Tribe, Taine, to figure out what has happened.

The island’s Spirits are angry with the evil now present on their island, and entering their domain is not safe. Only generous gifts will help us gain their favor.


Having pleased the Spirits, you will receive the Spring Rune, which will help you find a safe way through the archipelago’s misty waters and send your Boat straight to the island you seek.

Destroyed Village

Upon arriving, you must first make a path through the overgrowth to the afflicted village. Once you’ve cleared the way, you’ll see an unfortunate sight: the villagers’ Huts will be cursed with the Poisonous Flame, and the shrine of the Quinoa Tribe, the Crystal Spring, will be ruined. The misfortunes plaguing the island are the work of the witch Kreya, who has power over evil spirits.

The Poisonous Flame can only be extinguished with water from the ruined Crystal Spring. You’ll need to restore the sacred well to save the village.

Stages of restoring the Crystal Spring
Stage 1


White Marble Tile


40 2 24
Stage 2


White Marble Tile

Clay Lantern

34 5 24
Stage 3

Stained glass

White Marble Tile

Red pigment

8 8 40
Stage 4


Marble Carving

Galaxy Spiral

8 4 12

The Marble Carvings necessary for restoring the Crystal Spring were stolen by the Otherbears living in the Summoning Circles. These altars used to guard the village, but Kreya’s evil curse turned them into springs of evil. Defeat the four Otherbears in combat to return the Carvings. 



Otherbear Strength: 55

Artefact against Otherbears: Otherbears Bane dagger

These daggers can be obtained in several ways:

  • Complete Shaman Taine’s tasks;
  • Purchase in the Shop for Florins (New Bundles);
  • Purchase immediately before combat for Diamonds.

Reward for defeating an Otherbear:

  • 1 Marble Carving
  • 10 Diamonds
  • 20 Energy
  • 3000 Gold Coins

To begin combat with an Otherbear, you aren’t required to have any «Otherbears Bane» Daggers, but they do increase your chances of winning. Taine will help you obtain the valuable weapons in return for various materials. It’s simple – just bring him what he needs.  

Exchanging resources for Daggers   








70 40


«Hermit's Cave»



Reed Mat



35 25


«Cloak of Feathers»





Red Pigment

100 40

Restoring the Village

As soon as the Spring is restored, you can draw Crystal Water from it and put out the burning Huts.

Crystal Water Recipe






Crystal Water

1 4 1

The curse will disappear with the flames, but they will leave the village Huts in ruins. You’ll need quite a few materials to fix them.

Stages of rebuilding Huts
Stage 1

Crystal Water



6 20 40
Stage 2



Palm Leaves

20 40 60
Stage 3




25 8 14

After rebuilding 5 Huts, you’ll have returned the villagers their shelter, but the village will still be without supplies. Complete 5 Orders on the Order Board to provide the villagers with the provisions they need.

Crystal Fountain

Finally, the inhabitants of the Island of the Crystal Spring can return to their homes under the protection of the Bear Spirits. They will never forget your invaluable help and will thank you with a memorable gift: a decorative Crystal Fountain, the blue waters of which will remind you of this adventure. 


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