How do I get Florins?

 There are multiple ways to collect Florins in Taonga:

  1. Florins can be obtained on Wandering islands of Florins and on the island of Oracles.
  2. You can Load Yacht (all 8 boxes) after 16th level and send it away manually, to receive random Florin as a reward.
  3. There is a chance to find a Florin in "Washed-up Chest" (only Emerald Florins).
  4. Get as a prize for 1-3rd places in Fishing competitions and Hospitality competitions.
  5. Get Florins from Jackpot chests at the Wheel of Fortune.
  6. Several missions in Taonga grant Florins as a reward for their completion.
  7. You can get Florins from the Captain Escudo's Wondrous Chest (one of the Chest's possible rewards).
  8. Also, Florins can be purchased in the Shop of Home Island (Chest of Florins and Deluxe Chest of Florins).

    Florins are rare and valuable game resource. They cannot be sold, given as gift or exchanged between Friends and Neighbours.
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