Island of the Crystal Spring

Supplies: 45 units 


  • Defeat the Otherbears
  • Repair the Crystal Spring
  • Rebuild the village

How to reach:

  1. Reach Level 17
  2. Complete the task Honored Guests




Otherbear Summoning Circle Crystal Spring


Once you reach the Island of the Crystal Spring, you'll see the ruined Crystal Spring and three burning huts which are under the curse of the Poisonous Flame. In the distance there is an Otherbear Summoning Circle looming in the fog.

First you need to collect 4 Marble Carvings to repair the Spring. The Carvings are stolen by the Otherbears - defeat the Spirits to obtain the Carvings!

Battling the Otherbears

Click on a Summoning Circle to challenge an Otherbear to battle. You can only enter a battle if you have full Strength.

Once the battle begins, choose the spell element you want to hit your opponent with. There are three options: Water, Fire and Nature. The element of the spell the Otherbear will cast against you is picked randomly. Water beats Fire, Fire beats Nature, Nature beats Water.

If your element is stronger than that of your enemy’s, you will deal strong damage and your enemy will cast a weak spell, and vice versa. If you choose the same element as the Baboon, you will both deal weak damage.

During combat you can use a rare artifact, the Otherbear's Bane, which defeats all elements.

There are two ways to get the Otherbear's Bane:

  • As a reward for completing shaman Taine's quests
  • Can be obtained for diamonds before a battle

The more times in a row you win a round during the battle, the more damage your strikes deal (Combo-strikes). Be careful, though - your opponents can make Combo-strikes as well. Losing a round resets the Combo, as does a tie.

Once you reduce the Otherbear's Strength to 0, it will be defeated. If you lose, your adversary will fully restore its health. If you retreat during the battle, you will lose 10 Strength points. You will need to go back home to recover your Strength (1 point per 3 minutes) and return for retribution later.

The Crystal Spring - Construction Stages

Crystal Spring
Stage 1


White Marble Tile


40 2 24
Stage 2


White Marble Tile

Clay Lantern

34 5 24
Stage 3

Stained glass

White Marble Tile

Red pigment

8 8 40
Stage 4


Marble Carving

Galaxy Spiral

8 4 12


After compiling the repairs of the Crystal Spring you can produce Crystal Water, that lifts the curse of the Poisonous Flame.






Crystal Water

1 4 1

The Huts - Construction Stages

Lift the curse of the Poisonous Flame and than restore the buildings so that it`s inhabitants can return.

This small village consists of 5 Huts.

Stage 1

Crystal Water



6 20 80
Stage 2



Palm Leaves

35 120 100
Stage 3




55 12 20


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