How do I collect more energy?

There are multiple ways of collecting energy in Taonga:

  1. Visit resorts on your neighbors’ islands (hammock, sunbeds, picnic, etc.)
  2. Collect starfish, clams and crabs on the beach.
  3. Place the Friendship Totem on your island.
  4. Collect energy from the Radiant Lotus – the reward for completing the Island of the Radiant Lotus (available from Level 15).
  5. Open treasure chests that appear on your home island after you fully remove a tree, rock or clay mound.
  6. Win energy in the wheel of fortune.
  7. Win energy in the butterfly-catching mini-game.
  8. Complete daily tasks.
  9. Speed up crops, animals and trees on your neighbors’ islands.
  10. Get energy as a reward for completing quests.
  11. Buy energy for florins in the shop (Level 16).
  12. Claim from Captain Escudo’s wondrous chest – the reward for completing the Island of Treacherous Reefs (Level 18). 
  13. Buy energy for scarabs from Suleiman on the Island of the Marvelous Oasis (Level 19)
  14. Buy energy in the bank or take advantage of limited-time offers. 

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