The Cornucopia Fountain


The Cornucopia Fountain is a limited-time offer for purchasing a marble fountain.

How it Works

The Fountain is active for 30 days. Each day you can log in the game and collect 120 Diamonds from the Fountain. Thus if you visit the game every day for 30 days, you will collect 3600 Diamonds total.

You can only have one Cornucopia Fountain on your island at a time. Once it is depleted, you'll be able to buy a new one, and when you do, the first Fountain will disappear. 

+5 Days

It's hard to never miss a single day. Because of that there is a certain safety measure: additional 5 days of work. This way you can miss up to 5 days and make up for them later.

This safety measure does not increase the amount of Diamonds you can collect.


The Fountain expires after all 3600 Diamonds have been collected or, if you've missed some days, after 35 days have passed.

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