What can I do when visiting Neighbors?

  1. Use Resorts to restore your Energy. Active Resorts will have a cocktail glass pictogram hovering over them.
  2. Speed up Workshops, Farm Plots, Animals and Fruit Trees. Active objects will have a clock pictogram over them.
  3. Help them with Yacht orders. Click on the Yacht. If your friend has previously requested help with an order, the corresponding box will be colored pink.

The amount of actions that can be performed, while visiting Neighbours' islands, is limited. Each player has 40 actions per day to help their Neighbours. And the maximum of 5 actions can be performed at each Neighbour's island per day. Helping with the Yacht's orders doesn't count against the daily limit of actions. 

Active Resort

Speeding up Workshops, Animals or Crops

Helping with Yacht Orders

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