How to catch butterflies

Catching butterflies is fun and exciting! Learn to use the Butterfly net properly to make this pastime more rewarding!

Click on a Flight of Butterflies and choose a Butterfly net you will use. The Precise Butterfly net has more Flips, a better chance of getting rarer rewards, and requires less Strength. Click on "Start Catching!" to start the mini-game.


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Your goal is to find and flip open cards with identical butterflies. You can catch only one butterfly in one game. Besides cards with butterflies, there are those with various bonuses, such as Diamonds, Energy, Florins, Precise Butterly Net, etc.
Each round consists of two Flips. Click on the cards to turn them over. If the two cards are not a match, they are turned back over. If they are a matching pair, the cards remain face up and the bonus or the reward is considered found.
If you flipped over cards with matching butterflies in one round, you can either claim the butterfly right away and finish the game, or release it and continue playing - the cards with the butterfly will then be turned back over.
When you claim a butterfly and finish the game, you also collect all the bonuses you have found (one for each pair). Bonus items can only be claimed with a butterfly! If you've found a bonus, but haven't succeeded in catching a butterfly, you cannot collect the bonus.
If you haven't caught a butterfly, you can purchase two additional Flips for Diamonds twice, or finish the game. 04_noflipsleft.jpg
Common Butterfly Nets can be bought for Sand Dollars in the Prize Kiosk of the Fortune Wheel, for Diamonds before the start of the mini-game or purchased from Suleiman. Precise Butterfly Nets can be won as bonuses when catching butterflies, or bought for Diamonds, just like common Nets. 05_wheeloffortune.jpg
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