How to catch Butterflies

Once you reach Level 12, you will be able to join Dr. Yorick Jansson in his fascinating research and start catching Butterflies. Build the Entomologist's workshop, craft your first Butterfly net - and onward to the Island of the Flower Nectar inhabited by these fragile creatures! On this island you will find a Tropical Pond perfectly fit for luring Butterflies, and once you complete the related quest, you will receive a similar Pond as a reward. Place it on your Home Island and continue your research without the need to travel!


Place 8 Plumeria Flowers by the Pond (Plumeria saplings can be purchased in the Shop under the Farm > Saplings tab), and soon their sweet aroma will attract a flight of Butterflies. Click on the Pond to start preparing for the Butterfly hunt.
Select the Butterfly net you want to use - they differ in the amount of Flips they have and the Strength points they require. You may also choose an additional Lure (a special Nectar) to try and catch rarer Butterflies.
Hit "Start catching!" when you are ready.


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Your goal is to find and flip open chips with identical Butterflies. You can catch only one Butterfly in one game. Besides chips with Butterflies, there are those with various bonuses, such as Diamonds, Energy, Florins, Precise Butterfly Nets, Galleon contracts, etc.
Each round consists of two Flips. Click on a chip to turn it over. If the two chips are not a match, they are turned back over. If they are a matching pair, the chips remain face up and the bonus or the reward is considered found.
You will notice an eye symbol on the previously flipped chips. Hover your mouse over them to peek at the image on the other side of the chip.
If you flip over chips with matching Butterflies in one round, you can either claim the Butterfly right away and finish the game, or release it and continue playing - the chips with the Butterfly will then be turned back over.
When you claim a Butterfly and finish the game, you also collect all the bonuses you have found (one for each pair). Bonus items can only be claimed with a Butterfly! If you've found a bonus, but haven't succeeded in catching a Butterfly, you cannot collect the bonus.
If you haven't caught a Butterfly, you can purchase two additional Flips for Diamonds twice, or finish the game. 04_noflipsleft.jpg
All the caught Butterflies are put into the Butterflarium and become available for observation. The rarer the specimen, the more Entomology experience points you receive for the research.

You can only research one particular Butterfly once, and when you are done, the Butterfly is released.


Gaining each Entomology level is rewarded with Diamonds and Energy, plus starting from Level 5 - with a Butterfly Chest, and from Level 15 - with a Precise Butterfly Net. You can also take part in the Butterfly Catching Competition (held every 5 days) and win valuable prizes.

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