Friends and Neighbors

Adventures across the Taonga archipelago are much more fun when they are shared with loyal Friends and reliable Neighbors.

Friends – islanders who you are friends with in the social network.

Friends can:

  • Visit one another’s islands;
  • Help fulfill Yacht Orders.

You can invite Friends to become your Neighbors.

Neighbors – islanders who you’ve invited to be your Neighbors and who accepted your invitation (or vice-versa). Your social network friends and any other islanders can become your Neighbors. Neighbors can:

  • Visit one another’s islands;
  • Help fulfill Yacht Orders;
  • Send one another daily Free Gifts;
  • Send one another Parcels;
  • Use one another’s Resort buildings, restoring their own Energy;
  • Speed up Farm Plots, Fruit Trees, Animals, and Workshops.

You can be neighbors with up to 50 players. It is possible to increase your Neighbor cap by increasing your VIP-level.

You can see your Friends and Neighbors by clicking on the corresponding tab in the bottom game panel.


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