Transporting Items from your Storage to Neighboring Islands

To complete many different tasks on your travels, you’ll need different items and materials that need to be brought to neighboring islands from the Storage on your Home Island. This is easy to do:

1. Select the Boat and click on the “Load” button at the top of the Boat window. Or, you can also select Storage from the main game screen.


(click to zoom in)

2. Find the needed item in Storage and click the “Load” button found underneath the image of the item.


3. Indicate how much of the selected item you’d like to load onto the Boat using the “+” “+10” “-” and “-10” buttons.

The “Load” button will indicate the weight of the chosen items. The Capacity of the Boat is indicated in the top portion of the window. You cannot put items that comprise a greater weight than the Capacity available in the Boat into the Boat’s hold. If you cannot fit all the necessary items into your Boat, you will need to make multiple trips.


4. Click on the “Load” button to transfer items from Storage into the Boat’s hold.

If you want to continue loading more items into the boat, click the red X in the top right-hand corner of the window.

If you are otherwise ready to cast off on your travels, click the “Boat” button to open the Cargo window.


5. Here you can check the Boat’s contents to make sure you have everything you require. From here, click on the right “Boat” tab and embark on travel.

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